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The film is based on tens of thousands of real fraud cases, and the horrifying inside story of the entire industry chain of overseas cyber fraud. Programmer Pan Sheng and model Anna were attracted by an overseas recruitment ad and went abroad to seek wealth, but they were scammed and ended up working in a factory. In order to leave, the two are going to attack the gambler Ah Tian and his girlfriend Xiao Yu, take their money, and complete their business... Can Pan Sheng and Anna escape from the cruel leaders of the fraud group, Manager Lu and Ah Cai? Facing cross-border investigations and pursuit of the police, where can they escape to?电影取材自上万起真实诈骗案例,境外网络诈骗全产业链骇人内幕将在大银幕上首度被揭秘。程序员潘生(张艺兴 饰)、模特安娜(金晨 饰)被海外高薪招聘吸引,出国淘金,却意外落入境外诈骗工厂的陷阱。为了离开,两人准备向赌徒阿天(王大陆饰)和其女友小雨(周也 饰)下手,从他们身上套现、完成业绩……潘生与安娜能否逃过诈骗集团头目陆经理(王传君 饰)和阿才(孙阳 饰)的残暴折磨?面对警察(咏梅 饰)的跨国调查和追捕,他们又会何去何从?

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