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Against the backdrop of idyllic Taiping, Lantern maker Choo wields control over his three adult children, Isaac, Alex and Ruby, disregarding their dreams and happiness, all in the pursuit of his own desires and pride. When Aileen, Choo’s wife, is struck by a tragedy, the family drifts further apart. As the children start to explore their life’s paths, they are stopped short from putting their dreams in motion by a father who thinks he knows best. With each decision forcefully made against their wishes, Choo slowly tears apart the delicate fabric of his family. What would it take to unite their differences, and restore heart matters that are beyond reconciliation?在田园诗般的太平,曾喜欢制作灯笼的老朱作为一家之主,无情地控制着三个成年孩子耀祖、 耀宗和小女美珍,不顾他们的梦想和幸福,只为了追求自己的欲望和骄傲。当老朱的妻子艾琳 遭遇一场悲剧后,一家人的关系渐行渐远,陷入了令人心碎的冲突。孩子们渴望探索自己的 人生道路,但自以为最了解他们的父亲阻止他们追梦,令他们陷入绝望,只能设法另寻安慰。 老朱要如何弥合家庭裂痕,与妻儿和解?• Not eligible for vouchers.• Not valid with VIP and/or Complimentary Passes (including Advertiser Pass).• Not valid with any credit card offers.• Not valid for purchase with HSBC Movie Card.• Not valid with GV Staff Pass or Exhibitor VIP Pass.• Not valid for redemption with Annual Pass & GV Good eDeals

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