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A young fugitive sneaks into an apartment in Taipei, hiding in the storage room which serves as the secret haven for the little boy Hung. Hung shares a bedroom with his elder brother, a rebellious teenager who often hangs out with friends. Opposite is another bedroom belongs to his elder sister who longs for romance. His mother often plays mahjong with their neighbours after work. Tonight, as the father is away again, the mother, her three children and one fugitive will spend an unforgettable night together.年轻逃犯躲进台北某住家公寓的储存室,那是小虹的秘密天地。小虹和哥哥同睡一房,但叛逆 的哥哥经常不见人影;对面住的是期盼爱情降临的姐姐,与她布满房里的日本偶像照;妈妈则 是经常下了班还忙着与邻居打牌。今天爸爸又不在家,屋里的一位母亲,三个小孩,一名逃犯 将共同度过难忘的一夜。本片延续了 “台湾新电影” 的写实,并随着逐渐松绑的社会氛围,加 入逃犯、枪械、杀人、抢银行等社会命题,发展为另一种社会写实。• Not eligible for vouchers.• Not valid with VIP and/or Complimentary Passes (including Advertiser Pass).• Not valid with any credit card offers.• Not valid for purchase with HSBC Movie Card.• Not valid with GV Staff Pass or Exhibitor VIP Pass.• Not valid for redemption with Annual Pass & GV Good eDeals

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