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Fear lives inside everyone’s hearts. Do you think you’re immune? You just haven’t found yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time...Produced by John Chong and Mathew Tang, Tales from the Occult features three eerie stories about spooky happenings in tight spaces: Dead Mall by Fruit Chan, The Tenement by Fung Chih Chiang and The Chink by Hoi Ip Sang, Wesley. They will take you into a terrifying world in which human nature is driven to extremes by twisted environments. Do you have the guts to go inside?每個人的情感都住進了一些不安,你以為沒有?只是未遇上那個空間和那個 時辰...由莊澄及鄧漢強監製,陳果、馮志強、許業生 分別導演的《失衡凶间》,結集三個關於空間的怪異故事情節: 《死场》《唐楼》《暗角》 ,帶你轉入有所不同空間中,本性被自然環境逼瘋後失衡的不安全世界,你,有膽量挑戰嗎?

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