My Best Friend\'s Breakfast 我吃了那男孩一整年的早餐 Plot

Xiang Weixin (played by Li Mu), a 17-year-old high school sophomore, regards eating as the most important and most healing thing in life. The first time she met her senior Tao Youquan (played by Zhou Xingzhe) was at the school’s welfare agency. At that time, Xiang Weixin lost 5 yuan and could not buy her favourite pineapple bread. Tao Youquan made up the money for her, which made her feel deeply indebted to him. The next day, she saw a breakup scene by the school’s swimming pool. Tao Youquan tried to break up with his cheating girlfriend but failed. Xiang Weixin used her best friend Fang Qiran (played by He Sijing) as an excuse to help Tao Youquan break up successfully and to return the favour.17岁、高二的项微心(李沐 饰)视吃为人生最重要也是最疗愈的事,而她第一次跟学长陶宥全(周兴哲 饰)相遇,就是在学校的福利社。 当时项微心少了5块钱,买不了最爱的菠萝面包,陶宥全替她补了钱,让她深感欠了人情,隔天,她在学校的游泳池边看见一场分手戏码,竟是陶宥全想和劈腿的女友分手却分不掉,项微心灵机一动,拿着校花闺蜜方琦然(何思静 饰)当借口,让陶宥全分手成功,她自认是见义勇为,也还了人情。

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