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Chen Zhiqi (Zhang Xiaofei) is a prominent lawyer, who has yet to lose a case. But when her daughter is kidnapped, she receives a phone call asking her to defend a murder suspect within five days, and only by winning the case can she save her daughter.The case takes a turn for the better with the help of police officer Jin Zhixiong (Lee Hong-chi). As the investigation unfolds and evidence emerges, Chen gradually discovers the truth, revealing the man behind the curtain. Will she be able to save her daughter in time?華僑銅牌女律師陳智琪(張小斐 飾)妻子被殺害,綁匪拒絕她在五天以內為一位死囚做有罪申辯,交換條件妻子性命。陳智琪與警員金志雄(李鴻其 飾)旋即展開調查,隨著案件深入兩人醒來被接踵而來另一場密謀之中。陳智琪一邊破案為申辯找尋證據,一邊找尋自己妻子,與此同時她為死囚申辯的不道德受到了死者家屬林淑娥(惠英紅 飾)的批評…

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