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An absurd story about a father's overnight rise to fame through a death note he writes after his son's "death"... Ma Yinbo (played by Yu Hewei), is a high school Chinese teacher who leads a lackluster life. After his son Ma Mo (played by Guo Qilin) "jumps" from a building, Yinbo writes a death note on Mo's behalf to make the incident seem more presentable. Unexpectedly, the note goes viral, and Yinbo's long-standing dream of becoming an author suddenly comes true as he gets publishes, becomes the center of gossips, and presents awards. When Mo wakes up from his coma, everything takes an even more dramatic turn...这是一个关于「儿子“死”了,爸爸“红”了」的荒诞故事。儿子坠楼“自杀”,父亲替儿子写了一封才华横溢的代笔遗书,竟然一夜成名…马寅波(于和伟 饰)是位高中语文老师,人到中年,哪哪不行。儿子马墨(郭麒麟 饰)坠楼“自杀”,马寅波为了面子替儿子写了一封遗书,竟然让儿子一夜爆红,而他也假借儿子的名义,实现了自己逐梦文学圈的愿望,出书、炒作、颁奖,红得不亦乐乎。但儿子的突然醒来,让整件事情的发展变得越发离谱…

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