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27th Golden Horse Awards 第 27 届奖金马奖 • Nominee for Best Makeup & Costume Design 提名最佳造型设计: John Hau Win-choi 侯永财The amazing true story of a Qing Dynasty princess who became a Japanese spy is brought vividly to life in this powerful biopic by writer Lillian Lee and Director Eddie Fong. Charged with reviving the Manchu nation, Yoshiko (Anita Mui) is sent to Japan at a young age to train as a spy. After doing her part in establishing Manchukuo for the Japanese, Yoshiko finds her resolve shaken when she reunites with her former lover (Andy Lau), a stage performer who has become an anti-Japanese revolutionary. In one of the most beloved performances of her career, Mui is powerfully versatile as the legendary spy.梅艷芳作为唯一主角,演绎女间谍的悲剧传奇。川岛芳子(梅艷芳)本为清朝格格,幼年被送到日本人川 岛浪手中训练为间谍。初回上海时,她邂逅戏班小子云开(刘德华),又凭美色手段,攀附日本将领野骏 吉(谢贤),成为日本间谍。面对云开投身抗日革命的决心,芳子为情动摇,陷入双重间谍的危机。影片 的叙事、剪辑不乏可臻之处,但梅艷芳把握角色跌宕一生,无论是英气冷酷的将领,还是素颜赴死的囚 犯,均有动人之处。

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