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37th Asia Pacific Film Festival 第 37 届亚太影展• Winner for Best Actor 最佳男主角: Stephen Chow 周星驰29th Golden Horse Awards 第 29 届金马奖• Nominee for Best Feature Film 提名最佳剧情片• Nominee for Best Actor 提名最佳男主角: Stephen Chow 周星驰• Nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay 提名最佳改編劇本: Sandy Shaw 邵丽琼• Nominee for Best Film Editing 提名最佳剪輯: Sun-kit Chu 朱晨傑• Nominee for Best Original Film Score 提名最佳原創電影音樂: William Wu Wai-lap 胡伟立12th Hong Kong Film Awards 第 12 届香港电影金像奖• Nominee for Best Screenplay 提名最佳编剧: Sandy Shaw 邵丽琼• Nominee for Best Actor 提名最佳男主角: Stephen Chow 周星驰• Nominee for Best Actress 提名最佳女主角: Anita Mui 梅艷芳• Nominee for Best Costume Make Up Design 提名最佳服裝造型設計: Bruce Yu Ka-on 余家安Stephen Chow has worked with plenty of leading ladies, but few stood on equal footing with him like Anita Mui did in this blockbuster comedy. Chow stars as Sung, a lawyer who uses any means necessary to help his wealthy clients escape the law. At the urging of his wife (Mui), Sun retires to the countryside. However, when Mrs. Sung encounters a woman whose husband’s suspicious death has been covered up by corrupted officials, Sung returns to the court but this time to make sure justice is served. Mui earned another well-deserved Best Actress nomination at the Hong Kong Film Awards for her lively performance as the righteous and feisty Mrs. Sung.梅艳芳喜剧表演的高峰之作。清朝年间,广州状师宋世杰(周星驰)常为富人脱罪,孕中妻子(梅艷芳)劝 服他封笔,为后代积德,直到孕妇杨秀珍(吴家丽)冤案,让他们不得袖手旁观。宋世杰重出江湖,揭露 官场丑恶,鞭挞世情。梅艷芳饰富正义感的妻子,与喜剧之王周星驰演对手戏也绝不失色,前者爽快泼 辣又不乏温柔,后者的无厘头让人忍俊不禁,相得益彰。影片以港币五千多万刷新票房记录。

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