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In Theaters   Sep,14 2023
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Smugglers Plot

“You may know the way through the deepest waters but you can never know a person’s true intentions.”When a chemical factory is newly built by the quaint seaside village of Kunchon, the local haenyeo (female sea divers) including Choon-ja (Kim Hye-soo) find their livelihoods threatened.But Choon-ja is a fighter who will do anything to survive. Upon discovering that she can retrieve imported goods dropped into the sea -- i.e. smuggling -- and earn a small fortune, Choon-ja asks the leader of the sea divers Jin-sook (Yum Jung-ah), to join her.Although she is well aware of the dangers of smuggling, Jin-sook ultimately decides to join Choon-ja in the world of smuggling. After meeting Mr. Kwon, the brooding overlord of the smuggling world, Jin-sook finds herself diving even deeper into the bottomless world of smuggling.Then one day comes the fateful opportunity of a lifetime. With this one job and the fortune it will bring, anyone can become someone. A game of deceit ensues as everyone in the smuggling world finds themselves entangled in an ever-deepening web of lies.“Know the ways of the water, and conquer the flow of money.”

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