You & Me & Me

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Runtime   2 Hours 1 Minute
Language   Thai
Area   ---
In Theaters   Apr,27
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You & Me & Me Plot

"You" and "Me" are identical twins who share everything. Besides a small mole under Me`s eye that You does not have, they look exactly alike. They use this fact to their advantage, taking turns eating buffets for the price of one head, paying for one seat at a movie but sitting in two, and brushing off boys they don`t like for each other. One day, Me takes You`s place for a remedial exam and meets a boy named Mark. They fall for each other, but Mark has no idea about Me having a twin. When the girls visit their grandmother during school break, You goes for a music lesson and meets Mark there. You falls for him too, but Mark doesn`t know that he isn`t flirting with the same girl from the remedial exam. With Me and You finally facing something they cannot share, the twins are forced to confront their life-long bond.

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