Huang Wenxiu (CFF)

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Runtime   2 Hours 5 Minutes
Language   Mandarin
Area   ---
Actor   Lang Yue-Ting   Tao Hai   Bai Wei   Zhang Zheng-Yong  
In Theaters   Sep,15 2022
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Huang Wenxiu (CFF) Plot

Sunny and beautiful Zhuang girl Huang Wenxiu returns to her hometown after graduating from Beijing Normal University with a master`s degree and devotes herself to the front line of poverty alleviation with enthusiasm. She brings new hope to the future development of the village and wins everyone`s love by helping the villagers to alleviate poverty and aspirations. One rainy night, Huang Wenxiu was unfortunately sacrificed in a flash flood on her way back to the village for disaster relief. She dies at the age of 29. Her sunny figure, strong will and winning belief inspire everyone to move forward.

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