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At the age of 18, Yu Jiao Yang, who was ridiculed by her classmates as a “bin”, met Zhou Can, a transfer student who made her fall in love at first sight. She helped him realise his dream and saw him as her destiny, working hard to move to the same city as him and accompanying him as he grew up. After entering society, work and life’s chores gradually take over their time and their trajectory no longer seems to be on the same level. Yu’s expectations gradually turn into disappointment, and a break-up eventually happens. A year later, Zhou and Yu meet again, and all kinds of memories come flooding back into their hearts…女孩在最美好的青春里,遇到了一个想要勇敢去爱的男孩。 18岁那年,被同学嘲笑为“垃圾桶”的余骄阳遇见了让她一见钟情的转校生周灿。她帮助周灿实现梦想,将周灿视为命中注定,并努力和周灿考到了一个城市,陪伴周灿成长。步入社会后,工作和生活琐碎逐渐占据了他们的恋爱时光,二人思维和轨迹不再同频, 女孩的期望逐渐变成失望,分手导火索也意外降临...... 一年后,周灿和骄阳再次相遇,种种回忆涌上心头,凝结成了意难平,明明相爱的我们,为何会分开?

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