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After settling down together and only being separated in death during the Ayutthaya era (1351-1767 CE), Dej and Karaket are reborn in the early Rattanakosin period (1782-1855 CE). But there is only one of them who still believes in ‘destiny’. Bhop, a chief engineer with the sweetest smile in Siam, has been seeing the same lady in his dreams for many years. He believes wholeheartedly that she is his destined soulmate. When Bhop meets Gaysorn who looks exactly like the girl in his dreams, Bhop follows her around, trying to win her heart. However, Gaysorn has a progressive attitude and does not believe in destiny. Gaysorn clearly expresses that she dislikes Bhop, but she is interested in Mathus, a Thai-Western man who uses strange slang when speaking, which happens to match the messages in an old journal of Lady Karaket. Did Mathus travel back in time from the future like Lady Karaket?! Their relationships have not been figured out, yet when Bhop, Gaysorn, and Mathus get caught up in a chaotic historical event, things get out of hand and could lead to a war that will change history forever. Where will destiny lead them?

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