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Wu Renyao, a young motorcyclist performing stunts on a dock, with his clumsy father, Wu Renteng, who's barely visited him over the years; Zhou Huansong, a restaurant waitress dreaming of living in a big city, with her dramatic but earnest brother, Zhou Huange... Such are some of the characters caught up in the nexus of fate. Both wanting to become the opposite of their closest family member, Yao and Huansong try to support each other while remaining independent, but miscommunications haunt their relationship. Driven by the changes in their lives, Yao and Huansong leaves their hometown to tour the big big world on a journey of unpredictability, filled with love and departures, amusement and sadness.擅长摩托车特技的少年吴仁耀(刘昊然 饰)与他多年未见的父亲吴仁腾(沈腾 饰)再度相逢,此时女孩欢颂(刘浩存 饰)和她的哥哥的车队又意外闯入他们的生活,少年阿耀究竟收获的是朋友还是敌人,是快乐还是烦恼,他们终将名扬四海还是四海为家。北回归线上的小海岛与南方最繁华大城市的公路之旅,燃烧着他们的成长与青春 。

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