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Superstars Sandra Ng, Ronald Cheng and Gigi Leung - joined by Edan Lui from local pop sensation Mirror - team up for this heartwarming family comedy arriving just in time to tickle audiences in Chinese New Year 2022! The COVID-19 pandemic offered white-collar workers everywhere the chance to work from home. At first, it seemed like a luxury to be able to work outside the shackles of the office. But for Coba, work-from-home has led to a daily cage match with his family! From deciding whether to turn “Coba mother’s homemade sauce” into an online business to choosing which type of bottle to use for packaging, long-hidden family conflicts are on the verge of erupting again. Soon enough, the family’s daily tugs-of-war become even spicier than chili sauce.由贺岁片票房保证演员吴君如、郑中基、梁咏琪倾力演出,加入Mirror人气王吕爵安Edan,为2022年打造一出温情轻松贺岁喜剧,让大家过一个笑得开心的新年。 2019年新冠病毒疫情爆发,令一众「打工仔」得以在家工作,大家为无拘束地工作感到兴奋,可是在家工作的Coba,却是每天跟家人困兽斗;他计划将母亲手工酱料在网上发售,由选用哪款瓶子包装起,潜藏多年的家庭矛盾一触即发,这个在家日常拉锯战,比他们的辣椒酱更辣!

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