Oh My English Goat

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Genre   喜劇
Runtime   1時 30分鐘
Language   英語
Actor   Zain Saidin   Zain Saidin   Sherry Alhadad  
In Theaters   Sep,05 2015
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Oh My English Goat Plot

The story begins with Henry on a bumpy journey to SK Dalam Ayer, a rural school. Henry has high hopes for a new future. He is living alone in a strange place with only basic facilities. To make matters worse, Henry struggles to win the hearts and respect of his new students who turn out to be a bunch of unruly misfits. Apart from a stray goat to keep him company, Henry is lonely in Dalam Ayer. Meanwhile back in Ayer Dalam, Cikgu Ayu and Encik Ariff are becoming closer and the students of 5 Merah want Henry to come back and stop them from potentially getting married. The students plan a trip to visit Henry. During their stay at Dalam Ayer, a storm breaks out, placing Henry and everyone in a dire situation. Now both the students and Cikgu Ayu want Henry to come back to Ayer Dalam. Henry is in a dilemma. Will he choose Ayer Dalam or Dalam Ayer?

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