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Xiao Wu lives an unsuccessful life with his father, who is struggled with Alzheimer's disease with only inconsistent memories of her wife left in mind. To help arouse his father's memories, Xiao Wu returns to his father's old house to look for clues of his mother. When he picks up an aged notebook and a roughly made ring, something extraordinary happens to him...與父親老伍(魏翔 飾)終年相左的小伍(常遠 飾)陰錯陽差返回80年代,車禍攪黃了父親與母親內地(馬麗 飾)的初次遇見。為了糾正這個正確,他千方百計一次次重回過去,希望老媽追爸爸,讓人啼笑皆非的鬧劇大大上演。雙親遇見相識的宿命,是否會因為小伍的介入而改變?塵封在父親心裡的祕密,又將如何漸漸揭開……

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