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Actor   Quen Wong   Sanisa   Lune Loh  
In Theaters   Oct,02
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LPFF: Some Women Plot

Some Women is a recipient of the Tan Ean Kiam Foundation-SGIFF Southeast Asian Documentary (SEA-DOC) Grant.Everybody feels ashamed about something they did at some time. But what do you do if the thing you’re ashamed of is being you? A transgender woman director confronts stigma the way a filmmaker knows how: by turning the camera on herself. At 46 years of age and on the cusp of marriage, Quen comes out of ‘stealth’ to begin a retrospective examination of her journey as a trans woman in conservative Singapore. Connecting with two other generations of trans women, she uncovers the buried queer history of Singapore’s Bugis street during its heyday and the political consciousness of a frustrated Gen Z. Meanwhile, a case of discrimination would lead to three peaceful protestors being arrested outside the Ministry of Education. ‘Some Women’ is a timely documentary, an impassioned love letter to her home country by a trans director. While exploring the complexities of living here, it voices the hope of healing. And, by turning the camera on her hidden self, Quen lays claim to a lost sense of agency.

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