Moon Man 独行月球 Moon Man 独行月球

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Actor   Shen Teng 沈腾   Ma Li 马丽  
In Theaters   Sep,15 2022
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Moon Man 独行月球 Plot

No. 1 Comedy in China!A team of astronauts are deployed to the moon to prevent an asteroid impact on earth. However, the asteroid comes early and the whole crew has to evacuate. Due to an accident, maintenance worker Lone Moon (Shen Teng) misses the evacuation notice from the leader Ma Lansing (Ma Li) and left alone on the moon. When the plan fails, Lone Moon becomes the "last human in the universe" and began his life on the moon as a self-indulgent man.中国今年最卖座喜剧电影!人类为抵御小行星的撞击,拯救地球,在月球部署了月盾计划。陨石提前来袭,全员紧急撤离时,维修工独孤月(沈腾 饰)因为意外,错过了领队马蓝星(马丽 饰)的撤离通知,一个人落在了月球。不料月盾计划失败,独孤月成为了“宇宙最后的人类”,开始了他在月球上破罐子破摔的生活...

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