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In Theaters   May,19 2022
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Nenjuku Needhi Plot

Three girls belonging to an appressed class are being sexually abused by some in the village of Pollachi sudhandhirapalayam. The next day, an ASP officer named Vijayaraghavan gets transferred to this village where he is shocked to see the caste differences amongst the villagers. In addition to this, he hears the news of two girls hanged on a tree and one girl missing. Vijay trembles in shock to see them hanging. Shattered Vijay, calls his wife to share his feelings thinking she would console him. Instead it turns out to be an argument where his wife opens another perspective to the case. As Vijay continues to investigate and search for the missing girl, Sathya, he faces a lot of oppressions to cease his investigation. Inspite of the hardships, Vijay finds that the girls got raped and murdered. The missing girl’s sister, Kurinji confesses to Vijay that the minister’s brother in law, Gunasekaran is involved in this. As the investigation move forward, Vijay gets solid evidence against Gunasekaran. But before Vijay could arrest him, he and Kumaran, the dead girl’s brother get shot by Inspector Sundaram. Vijay in further investigation finds that Inspector Sundaram and Vijay’s bodyguard Nataraj are also involved in this crime scene. Natraj takes his own life in embarrassment. Atlast with the help of the villagers and other police officers, Vijay finds Sathya, who was holding on to her life. The confession of Sathya brings justice to the girls as Sudaram gets into prison.• Not eligible for any discounts and/or vouchers.• Not valid with VIP and/or Complimentary Passes.• Not valid for purchase with HSBC Movie Card.

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