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第57届金马奖最佳动画长片The 57th Golden Horse Awards for Best Animated Feature2021年台北电影奖杰出技术奖Taipei Film Awards 2021 for Outstanding Artistic Contribution第38届芝加哥国际儿童电影节最佳动画首奖The 38th Chicago International Children's Film Festival Best Animated Feature Film First PrizeAs a struggling 16-year-old teenager, Leaf runs away from home, skips classes and ends up mysteriously in a peculiar place — the City of Lost Things. There, he meets Baggy, a 30-year-old plastic bag. Baggy never sees himself as just another piece of unwanted junk. He has a purpose in life, to lead his tribe to flee the City of Lost Things. But he needs the help of a reluctant Leaf to fight the dreadful army of the Armors. Director Yee Chih-yen boldly ventures into 3D animation with this ambitious award-winning feature ten years in the making. Both visually enthralling and thought-provoking, this imaginative fantasy dazzles and daunts with the spectacular allegorical journey of a troubled boy and a sentient plastic bag who help each other find a way out.边缘少年小树自我放逐来到废弃城,却遇见塑料袋──阿袋。从来不承认自己是垃圾的阿袋,浑身是胆,一心想率领族人打出废弃城,前进传说中的圣地“回收站”,惺惺相惜的二人展开一场探寻生命出路的奇幻冒险。台湾著名导演易智言耗费10年心血,跨界执导动画长片,聚焦“环保、天命及说再见”三个主题,带来天马行空的故事。易智言长久以来耕耘青少年题材,写过《蓝色大门》等代表作,他说本片是献给“由慌张却潇洒又胡里胡涂终于蜕变成我们的大人”。本片拿下金马最佳动画长片暨多个国际影展奖项,得到极高评价。• Not eligible for any discounts and/or vouchers.• Not valid with VIP and/or Complimentary Passes.• Not valid for purchase with HSBC Movie Card.

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