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Twenty-year-old Jing Hao (Jackson Yee) lived in Shenzhen alone with his younger sister where their lives were warm but poor. For his sister's expensive surgery, Jing Hao got an opportunity by coincidence. He thought he was on the verge of a better life, but unexpectedly suffered another blow. Under the pressure of time and money, Jing Hao decided to take a desperate gamble, could he spark hope after falling into troubles?二十岁的景浩(易烊千玺 饰)独自带着年幼的妹妹来到深圳生活,兄妹俩生活温馨却拮据。 为了妹妹高昂的手术费,机缘巧合之下,景浩得到一个机会,本以为美好生活即将来临,却不 料遭遇重创。在时间和金钱的双重压力下,毫无退路的景浩决定孤注一掷,而他陷入困境的平 凡人生,又能否燃起希望的火花?

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