Just One Day

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Runtime   1 Hour 34 Minutes
Language   Cantonese
Area   china
Actor   Wong Cho-Lam   Charlene Choi   Sunny Chan  
In Theaters   Mar,17 2022
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Just One Day Plot

Mosaic is an urban sketcher who suffers from ALS - his hope is to capture as much of his city as possible before he succumbs to his disease. Angelfish is a bank teller living a hectic but ordinary life. She returns to her old school for a fundraising banquet where she meets her former classmate Mosaic. The two share a fun night, fondly recalling memories from their childhood. Six months later, Mosaic is no longer able to draw as his symptoms worsen. He works up the courage to ask her to fulfil his last wish: To be his girlfriend for just one day as a favour to an old friend nearing death.

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