2gether: The Movie 2gether: The Movie

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Runtime   112 Minutes
Area   Thailand
In Theaters   Feb,25 2022
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2gether: The Movie Plot

Tine, a cheeky good-looking university student, finds himself in big trouble after being romantically and aggressively chased by Green, a handsome guy. To push Green away, Tine asks Sarawat, the hottest guy on campus, to pretend to flirt with him. Little does he know that there is not even a shred of pretence in Sarawat’s flirting. Not to Tine’s knowledge, a few years ago, Sarawat met Tine at a Scrubb concert and fell for Tine ever since. That is how a fake flirt operation becomes true love for Sarawat and Tine whose story is told through hit songs by Scrubb.

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