LPFF: House Of Hummingbird LPFF: House Of Hummingbird

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Genre   Drama
Runtime   138 minutes
Actor   Ji-hu Park   Sae-byuk Kim   Ingi Jeong   Seungyeon Lee  
In Theaters   Oct,16 2021
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LPFF: House Of Hummingbird Plot

Set against the backdrop of a rapidly expanding Seoul in 1994, a lonely 14-year-old Eun-hee moves through life like a hummingbird searching for a taste of sweetness wherever she may find it. Deprived of attention from her family, she roams the neighborhood with her best friend, attempts romantic relationships with both girls and boys alike and is sent to the hospital with an unclear diagnosis. When Young-ji, a new teacher, arrives, she becomes the first adult Eun-hee feels really understands her.

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