Time 杀出个黄昏 Time 杀出个黄昏

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Runtime   100 min
Area   China
In Theaters   Sep,16 2021
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Time 杀出个黄昏 Plot

The last generation of assassins moved to HK in 50/60’s and posed as a “killer-for-hire" trio to fix all sorts of problems for their clients. Decades passed, they have now become redundant at work and home. An accidental mission calls upon them and it turns out to be an assisted suicide. The trio suddenly finds new ‘life’… as the ”Guardian Angels of the Elders”. Just when they are finding meaning to this new role, an order from a teenager turns their new practice upside down again… this might as well be their very last job.过去叱咤江湖的杀手「秋」,现今已过花甲之年,只能以提刀削面糊口,奈何热血关节亦难敌机械手臂,唯有被迫熄炉。 「秋」突获专责情报的歌厅老板娘「凤」重召出山,伙拍擅长驾驶的「丛」,不料目标人物竟要求买凶自杀……以独门服务的「耆英天使」逐应运而生,主打孤苦无依和百病缠身的遗老。当碰上被双亲抛弃,再被男友狠飞的妙龄少女.......三位迟暮老人如何杀出个黄昏?

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