Pretty Maid Pretty Maid

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Genre   劇情
Runtime   1時 34分鐘
Language   英語
In Theaters   Mar,07 2014
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Pretty Maid Plot

Wenzhou woman Harue (Ma Ling Yan ornaments) alone battles the capital, came to Professor He (Zhang Hongjie ornaments) family nanny, the real purpose of her trip was for her daughter school choice. Harue vivacity, and Professor Ho is old-fashioned mean, they often trivial event of a disagreement, because of what his wife recently committed suicide at home, he is now in great pain and remorse. Tada daughter overseas for personal marriage on the rocks, to attend the same suffering father, Harue precisely at this time entered the door Ho. Faced with a rural woman, a professor of art history and Harue Ho Chun is simply no point in common, wondering how to get rid of her, but then wanted to honor the commitment to Harue daughter’s first foothold in Beijing. In the end, the same as love for their daughter, so that the two can not get along with this person to complete each other’s spiritual salvation ……

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