Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2

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Runtime   1時 58分鐘
Language   印尼語
Written   Alim Sudio
In Theaters   Feb,09 2017
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Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2 Plot

Four years after the breakup between Prasetya, Arini, and Meiroe, Arini is invited to Budapest to give workshops and doing promotion of her book. Because Prasetya is still busy with his project, he will follow afterward. Arini does not think that in Budapest she meets with Meirose and Akbar, Meirose lives with her biological father and breaks her contact with anyone in Indonesia. She even intends to ask divorce officially from Pras. The meeting with Arini makes Meirose doubts her choice. Arini so sincerely loves her and Akbar, and hopes that Meirose to back with Pras. Especially when Pras appears, Meirose is confused. There is also doctor Syarief in the midst of their problems.

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