Every Day

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Runtime   1時 33分鐘
Language   英語
In Theaters   Jan,14 2010
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Every Day Plot

Ned (Liev Schreiber) is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. His work as a writer on an outrageous, semi-pornographic TV show is less than satisfying. His fifteen year old son has just told him he is gay and his eleven year old is afraid of, well pretty much everything. When his wife, Jeannie (Helen Hunt), moves her sick and embittered father (Brian Dennehy) from Detroit into their home in NY, it puts added stress on an already strained marriage. And when a sexy female co-worker (Carla Gugino) puts the moves on Ned, the temptation sends him spiraling. EVERY DAY is about one family's struggle to survive the unexpected curve-balls that are simply part of real life; aging and death; commitment and freedom; love and acceptance. It's an uncompromising look at an ordinary family making an extraordinary journey towards themselves and towards each other.

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