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May,09 2017 In Theaters
A 80 years old Woody meets at a bar a 45 years old Woody.
Jan,01 2013 In Theaters
Feb,06 2018 In Theaters
The hyperactive red-headed bird enters a turf war with a big city lawyer wanting to tear down his home in an effort to build a house to flip.
Jan,01 1990 In Theaters
Iconic writer, director, actor, comedian and musician Woody Allen allowed his life and creative process to be documented on-camera for the first time. With this unprecedented acces...
Jan,01 2011 In Theaters
May,30 2012 In Theaters
這部紀錄片採訪了眾多與伍迪有過合作的演藝圈大牌人士,比如新老兩代繆斯女神:黛安·基頓和斯嘉麗·約翰遜,還有娜奧米·沃茨、馬丁·斯科塞斯、克里斯·洛克、西恩·潘、喬什·布洛林、歐文·威爾遜等等。當然,還有伍迪·艾倫本尊。 這個是192分鐘版剪輯而成的。 ...