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Jan,14 2016 In Theaters
An astronaut encounters a major problem upon returning to earth after a long space voyage.
Jan,01 1990 In Theaters
Jul,21 2018 In Theaters
Two brazenly inept thieves attempt to rob a bank without a plan, a clue-or a gun.
Jan,01 1973 In Theaters
May,16 1962 In Theaters
Loner Mark Lewis works at a film studio during the day and, at night, takes racy photographs of women. Also he's making a documentary on fear, which involves recording the reaction...
Nov,04 1927 In Theaters
導演: Harry A. Pollard 編劇: 斯托 / Harvey F. Thew 主演: Margarita Fischer / James B. Lowe / J. Gordon Russell / Gertrude Howard / Jack Mower / Vivien Oakland / John Roche ...
Mar,11 2021 In Theaters
《Tom & Jerry大電影》是一部於2021年上映的美國真人動畫喜劇電影。電影改編自約瑟·巴貝拉和威廉·漢納的同名動畫短片,由提姆·史多利執導,克雷格·萊特、凱蒂·西爾博曼、艾普爾·普羅瑟和凱文·卡斯提洛共同撰寫劇本。其主演包括克蘿伊·...
Jan,08 2016 In Theaters
編劇: Tom Segura 主演: Tom Segura 型別: 喜劇 製片國家/地區: 美國 語言: 英語 上映日期: 2016-01-08 IMDb連結: tt4970632
May,01 2014 In Theaters
Tom has a power he doesn't want. He can't die. The world has ended and he is the last survivor. Tom Wants To Die is the story of how he discovered his power and his suicidal journe...
Mar,15 2014 In Theaters
An original stand-up comedy special written and performed by comedian Tom Segura.
Jan,01 1990 In Theaters
A young man travels to an isolated farm for his lover's funeral where he's quickly drawn into a twisted, sexually charged game by his lover's aggressive brother.
Mar,04 2021 In Theaters
Kayla has been hired for a temporary job at a fancy New York hotel. However, she is dismayed to discover that a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry have relocated to the hotel, h...
Jan,12 2018 In Theaters
Tom Segura gives voice to the sordid thoughts you'd never say out loud, with blunt musings on porn, parking lot power struggles, parenthood and more.
Feb,24 2017 In Theaters
Touko Laaksonen, a decorated officer, returns home after a harrowing and heroic experience serving his country in World War II, but life in Finland during peacetime proves equally ...
Jun,17 2014 In Theaters
For 50 years, Michael and Betty have been united by one guiding principle: no secrets. But when a provocative Tom of Finland doll triggers Michael's long-buried desires, Betty disc...
Jan,01 1990 In Theaters
A class of five-year-old children gets lost in the forest after their schoolmistress faints from eating wild berries. All alone, they encounter a fourteen-year-old runaway, Tom the...
Mar,11 2021 In Theaters
《Tom & Jerry大電影 TOM & JERRY》是一部於2021年上映的美國真人動畫喜劇電影。電影改編自約瑟·巴貝拉和威廉·漢納的同名動畫短片,由提姆·史多利執導,克雷格·萊特、凱蒂·西爾博曼、艾普爾·普羅瑟和凱文·卡斯提洛共同撰寫劇本。...
Nov,04 1989 In Theaters
굿바이 엉클 톰 Goodbye Uncle Tom, Addio Zio Tom,은 1989에 발표 된 이탈리아 1989 다큐멘터리 .04 개봉 영화입니다,영화는 구알티에로 자코페티,프랑코 프로스페리가 지배하고 있습니다,구알티에로 자코페티,프랑코 프로스페리 및 기타 주요 배우,한국에서 1989년11월04일에 출시되었습니다. ...