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Jan,01 2008 In Theaters
Mar,05 2014 In Theaters
The film documents the making of the seven-foot tall “Tupelo Elvis” bronze statue by sculptor Bill Beckwith, modeled on Elvis’ pose in the Roger Marshutz photograph shot at the 195...
May,08 2015 In Theaters
A sheltered kid cons his way into a sick day. Left alone for the first time, he stumbles upon a sinister family secret.
Jan,01 2007 In Theaters
導演: Neill Fearnley 編劇: Richard Leder 製片國家/地區: 美國 語言: 英語 上映日期: 2007 IMDb連結: tt0902328
Oct,02 1987 In Theaters
Dr. Jack Hammond has best chances to become medical superintendent in the clinic. So he's completely absorbed in his work and has no understanding for his teenage son Chris' proble...
Feb,12 1941 In Theaters
A young boy seeks love and understanding from his cold, demanding father.
Sep,03 2009 In Theaters
The story takes place in a port controlled by Charlie the Greek and his criminal band. There are two things Charlie hates: drugs and homosexuality. But both are part of his life: h...
Aug,20 2018 In Theaters
The story revolves around Adam, a businessman and married, whom everyone around him accuses of being a criminal, gang leader or terrorist, while he says he helps the police arrest ...
May,07 2018 In Theaters
Documentary following three families each coping with a child affected by serious emotional or mental illness. The families explore treatment opportunities and grapple with the str...
Sep,20 2017 In Theaters
The story of a busy man, who fills his time travelling to Africa, South America and the Middle East. His passion for his job has distanced him from his loved ones. He’s been divorc...
Oct,31 2014 In Theaters
A native son of bankrupt Stockton, Calif., 22-year-old Michael Tubbs decides to run for a seat on the city council. This inspiring documentary charts his campaign to bring the city...
Jan,01 2008 In Theaters
아들 Son,은 2008에 발표 된 영국 2008 드라마 영화입니다,영화는 다니엘 멀로이가 지배하고 있습니다,한국에서 2008년01월01일에 출시되었습니다. 지하 극장의 지하감옥, 한 소년은 저녁 행사가 벌어지는 동안 자신이 갇혀있게 된 것을 발견한다.
Jan,01 2015 In Theaters
Oct,28 2021 In Theaters
When a young boy contracts a mysterious illness, his mother must decide how far she will go to protect him from terrifying forces in her past. Credit: IMDB
May,23 2002 In Theaters
A joinery instructor at a rehab center refuses to take a new teen as his apprentice, but then begins to follow the boy through the hallways and streets.
Mar,27 2015 In Theaters
Pilot Captain Salih Ekrem is a young air officer and one of the first Ottoman pilots.
Jan,01 1990 In Theaters
A story about a gay dad who has raised his surrogate son alone after the death of his partner. The kid, weary of being bullied, seeks to break out on his own. He takes up with a gu...
Jan,01 1990 In Theaters
Dec,01 2017 In Theaters
Based on the true story of Louisa Gould, the drama is set during World War II on the Nazi-occupied island of Jersey. Lou took in an escaped Russian POW and hid him over the war's c...
Sep,07 2018 In Theaters
Pipe is invited to join his mysterious father on a quest for the lost Inca gold. But as they journey deeper into the jungle, he understands that they cannot escape the family demon...