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Aug,01 2014 In Theaters
Meghana is a TV journalist who has a rare gift of extra-sensory perception (ESP). One day, she meets Siddharth Varma, a fashion designer, for an assignment and slowly, they start g...
May,10 2014 In Theaters
Sep,01 1990 In Theaters
마야 Maya,은 1990에 발표 된 이탈리아 1990 공포 .01 개봉 영화입니다,영화는 마르셀로 아발론가 지배하고 있습니다,윌리엄 버거,싸이루스 엘리아스,미렐라 단젤로 및 기타 주요 배우,한국에서 1990년09월01일에 출시되었습니다.
Oct,28 2021 In Theaters
A mystery thriller starring Nayanthara and Kunchacko Boban in the lead roles. It is a feature directorial effort from film editor Appu N Bhattathiri.
Jun,02 2017 In Theaters
Anna and Ira prank a local woman by writing her letters from a secret admirer. The prank takes a more serious turn when the local women goes missing,
Mar,12 2017 In Theaters
An internationally respected poet announces she is going to kill herself and needs an heir and executor. Young writers drive up the mountain to compete for the position and are cha...
Jan,01 2004 In Theaters
導演: David Heavener 編劇: David Heavener 主演: David Heavener 型別: 恐怖 製片國家/地區: 美國 語言: 英語 上映日期: 2004 片長: 90分鐘 ...
May,01 2014 In Theaters
Hello Everybody, I am Maya the Bee! What I love most? Freedom! That's why I don't live in the hive. I have the greatest adventures with my friends: Shelby the snail, Max the worm,....
Oct,27 2017 In Theaters
A famous writer claims on NPR that she intends to end her life and male writers may compete to become executor of her estate. Men drive up the mountain and are challenged intellect...
Dec,30 2015 In Theaters
มายานางฟ้า Maya Nang Fah ซีรีส์ออนไลน์ | เรื่องราวของอลิสา หญิงสาวผู้มีความฝันเป็นดีไซเนอร์รองเท้า โดยมีไรวัต ชายหนุ่มคอลัมนิสต์ ซึ่งเป็นคนรักที่ผูกพันกันมาแต่วัยเด็กคอยสนับสนุนช่ว...
Jan,21 2018 In Theaters
Drawn from a never before seen cache of personal footage spanning decades, this is an intimate portrait of the Sri Lankan artist and musician who continues to shatter conventions.
Jul,02 1993 In Theaters
年輕漂亮的瑪雅(迪帕•薩伊飾)對生活充滿幻想和慾望。一天,她的父親摔下樓梯弄傷了腿。一個年輕的鄉村醫生(法路克•謝赫飾)來醫治。溫柔的愛之花在紳士的醫生和瑪雅之間綻放,他們結婚了。 開始新生活的最初是令人興奮的,重新裝飾房間,以及對歸屬感的體會,...
Jan,01 2007 In Theaters
마야 거르츄 Maya Gurchew,은 2007에 발표 된 한국 2007 드라마 영화입니다,영화는 우보연가 지배하고 있습니다,라미차네,강신영,김덕근 및 기타 주요 배우,한국에서 2007년01월01일에 출시되었습니다. 네팔인 이주노동자 푸르자는 봉제공장에서 함께 일하는 미영에게 동료 이상의 감정을 가지고 있다. 그는 자신...
Jan,01 2019 In Theaters
. «AKSARA MAYA»는 암흑기라는 설정을 바탕으로 시간의 왜곡을 다루는 서스펜스 드라마이다. RPG 게임의 형식을 차용해 만들어진 이 작업은 게임과 현실이 혼용된 세계에서 언어를 채집, 재조합하며 허구적 공간을 구축해나간다. 여기에서 유저로 지칭되는 인물들은 서사를 이끄는 셰도우 라이터로 기능하는데, 소란스럽지만...
Oct,01 2014 In Theaters
Jun,01 2014 In Theaters
Sep,07 2015 In Theaters
The story shows how our lives are augmented by technology… from Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) to what relationships will be like… even after death. “Dirrogates” – Digital Surr...
Mar,08 2015 In Theaters
Freshly hatched bee Maya is a little whirlwind and won't follow the rules of the hive. One of these rules is not to trust the hornets that live beyond the meadow. When the Royal Je...
Sep,04 2014 In Theaters