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Oct,11 2018 In Theaters
Jul,21 2018 In Theaters
A short animated film.
Apr,02 2014 In Theaters
Driss, carefree, smug and naive, lives off petty theft and minor racketeering. Until he meets Danny, an old crook who takes him under his wing and shows him the ropes. Through know...
Apr,17 2014 In Theaters
A 13 year old boy from Tijuana embarks on his first drug smuggle across the Devil's Highway, a notorious stretch of desert on the Arizona/Mexico border.
Jan,01 2014 In Theaters
May,15 2014 In Theaters
A depressed publisher decides to get a break and leaves town for long weekend to his private home in a luxury resort. Along the way, he meets an attractive woman who turns his life...
Apr,25 2014 In Theaters
Luca guides his father in a canoe on the river where Arthur went missing. Father and son sink into this eerie, unfamiliar wildness, hoping to find a trail or signs explaining their...
Jun,06 2018 In Theaters
Mar,09 2014 In Theaters
An innocent tourist travels to LA and unexpectedly conjures her sister's last night alive. Bold score, stylized dance and an eccentric cast, shot at The Standard Hotel, weave a dar...
Apr,06 2014 In Theaters
With an acute eye and an understated sense of humour, La Salada explores the experiences of Korean, Bolivian and Taiwanese immigrants living in Argentina. The film is structured ar...
Apr,01 2014 In Theaters
Dec,07 2016 In Theaters
라라랜드 La La Land,은 2016에 발표 된 미국 2016 로맨스/멜로/뮤지컬 영화입니다,영화는 데미안 셔젤가 지배하고 있습니다,라이언 고슬링,엠마 스톤,존 레전드 및 기타 주요 배우,한국에서 2016년12월07일에 출시되었습니다. 황홀한 사랑, 순수한 희망, 격렬한 열정…이 곳에서 모든 감정이 폭발한다!꿈을 꾸...
Mar,11 2017 In Theaters
Sinaloa hitchhikes into Texas to meet Merle, her half-sister by way of their dead country musician father. As the two get to know each other, Sinaloa's chaotic influence starts to ...
Aug,27 2021 In Theaters
La Patrulla Canina está en racha. Cuando Humdinger, su mayor rival, se convierte en alcalde de la cercana Ciudad Aventura y empieza a causar estragos, Ryder y los heroicos cachorro...
May,13 In Theaters
El inspector Manuel Bianquetti se ve forzado a aceptar un traslado a la comisaría de Cádiz. Su tranquilidad inicial se verá rota por el hallazgo del cadáver de una joven que le rec...
Jun,17 In Theaters
Desde que era pequeña, Cathy soñaba con tener su propio restaurante. Pero a los cuarenta, nada ha salido como esperaba y se ve obligada a aceptar un trabajo como cantinera en un ho...
Jul,29 In Theaters
Con las obras de construcción de un túnel en su fase final, se encadenan una serie de desastres geológicos causados por el cambio climático que provocan: terremotos, desprendimient...
Jan,01 2014 In Theaters
. 야쿠자였던 푸치는 출소 직후 기억을 잃는다. 그는 한 소녀의 도움으로 밴드 보컬로 서게 된다. 두 사람 사이의 미묘한 터치와 음악 영화의 에너지가 넘치는 영화. 주연으로 등장하는 시부타니 스바루는 일본의 인기그룹 칸쟈니8의 멤버다. (2015년 제16회 전주국제영화제)
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Feb,17 2015 In Theaters
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