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Aod, a young gravedigger at Thamma Nakanimitr temple, unearths an ancient gold anklet from a tomb dated back to World War II. He decided to pocket the anklet and falls prey to a curse that turns his skin scaly, the likes of a snake. The powerful curse tormented him with great pain and also awaken the ghost of Nak Kam, the monk who was the first victim of this ancient curse and owner of the jinxed anklet. Aod and his friends, Nott, Balloon, First, Do Min Joon and Pampam set off to the northeast of Thailand and Mekong to find the legendary forest Monastery that is said to hold the solution to break the curse. With the ghost of Nak Kam pursuing the group with vengeance, the rowdy pack is also rushing against time before Aod succumb to the curse.

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