Call Me Agent

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Runtime   1 Hour 28 Minutes
Language   Cantonese
Area   China
Actor   Mimi Choo   Gabriel Wong   Vincent Luk   Poyiu Wong   Belle Lee  
In Theaters   Dec,22 2022
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Call Me Agent Plot

"I want to be a spy" (English: Call Me Agent), is a Hong Kong-Malaysia cooperative action comedy, starring Huang Baoyao, Lu Junxian, Zhu Mimi, Huang Yishan, Li Xuewen, Pan Yao, Zeng Songshan, directed by Lan Zhaoji and Cai Yehan.

A young girl named Fang Miaoling (Huang Baoyao), who is obsessed with secret agents, rescued a wounded "secret agent" (played by Lu Junxian) by accident. As an apprentice, the whole world has been turned upside down from then on. Combining hilarious, ambiguous and action in one, behind the strange situation is flesh and blood to tell you a story about dreams...

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