Assassination (KFF)

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Runtime   2 Hours 19 Minutes
Language   Korean
In Theaters   Nov,27 2022
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Assassination (KFF) Plot

Set in the year 1930s during Japan`s colonial rule of Korea, an assassination plot has been planned by the Korean interim government with the order to assassinate a Japanese army commander. Interim government agent Yeom Seok-jin breaks out topnotch sniper Ahn Ok-yun from a Shanghai prison, and requests for her and her team to help out with the mission. Ahn Ok-yun`s comrades consist of a mysterious and ruthless gun-for-hire Hawaii Pistol and his right-hand man Pomade, along with a firearms specialist Soksapo. They take on the mission given by them, not knowing that Hawaii Pistol secretly works for the Japanese and has been given orders to kill Ahn Ok-yun.

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