Wolf Pack 狼群 Wolf Pack 狼群

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In Theaters   Sep,22
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Wolf Pack 狼群 Plot

In the 21st century, China is at a critical juncture of transforming into a world superpower. In every corner of the world, a group of little-known Chinese diaspora quietly shoulders the heavy burden of defending the interests of China… Max Zhang stars as the leader of this elite team. The film also stars Aarif Rahman and Jiang Luxia among others.二十一世紀,中國正處於由大向強發展的關鍵性階段。在全世界的各個角落,一群鮮為人知的華夏兒女默默地揹負起捍衛國家個人利益地重任。《狼群》由張晉、李治廷及蔣璐霞領銜主演。

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