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Indonesian director Joko Anwar returns with the sequel to his award-winning horror film "Pengabdi Setan." (2017, Satan’s Slave). This sequel will be the extension of the first movie which bagged seven awards, including Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction, from a total of 13 nominations received at the 2017 Festival Filem Indonesia.Rini (Tara Basro), her younger siblings, Toni (Endy Arfian) and Bondi (Nasar Anuz), along with their father, Bahri (Bront Palarae) live in an apartment several years after they managed to save themselves from a terrible incident that made them lose their mother, namely Mawarni (Ayu Laksmi), and the youngest, Ian (Muhammad Adhiyat). They live in flats where many people live, so they feel safe if something happens. However, they soon realized that living with many people can also be very dangerous if they a are not very familiar with who their neighbors are. On a night full of terror, Rini and her family must return to save themselves.

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