White Building (MIFFEST)

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Genre   Drama
Runtime   1 Hour 30 Minutes
Language   Khmer
Area   ---
Actor   Piseth Chhun   Sithan Hout   Sokha Uk  
In Theaters   Jul,14
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White Building (MIFFEST) Plot

Twenty-year-old Samnang and two of his friends live in the White Building, a landmark tenement in Phnom Penh. In this fast-changing city, the three boys practice their dance routine dreaming of television talent contests while their parents lead a more traditional lifestyle. But the White Building is to be demolished. Samnang observes his father unsuccessfully attempting to bring together his divided neighbours on the government`s compensation offers for residents to move out, and he must face his best friend`s departure from Cambodia. Samnang finds that the stable environment he has always called home is on shaky ground.

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