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第43届德国Max Ophüls Preis影展最佳剧情片、Fritz-Raff奖最佳剧本The 43rd Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis Awards for Best Feature Film, Fritz-Raff Award for Best Screenplay入围第58届金马奖最佳新导演、最佳男主角Nominated for Best New Director, Best Leading Actor at the 58th Golden Horse AwardsFei works illegally as a hustler to support his family. When he realises that they are willing to accept his money but not his way of life, he cuts himself off from his family. Through his relationship with the headstrong Long, Fei seems able to find a new lease on life. However, he encounters Xiaolai, the love of his youth, who confronts him with the guilt of his repressed past.少年阿飞在城市里从事性工作,与其他“金钱男孩”在处处危殆的日子里相互扶持。天真的阿飞遇上奥客,情人为了替他出头,却惨遭不幸,唯有他仓皇逃脱;五年之后,已成前辈的阿飞依然倜傥不羁,带着同乡小弟欢场迷离,直到某天他看见一个熟悉的身影⋯⋯奥地利华裔导演C.B.Yi拍出超现实的东方气息,更捕捉了柯震东的百变魅力,道出男孩们的迷途,以及有家不能归之苦。• Not eligible for any discounts and/or vouchers.• Not valid with VIP and/or Complimentary Passes.• Not valid for purchase with HSBC Movie Card.

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