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Kayan is a wheelchair user; she was disabled at a young age. After returning to Hong Kong from the UK, she works as a social worker at a secondary school. Kayan contests the Principal’s views on human rights, sexual rights, gender discrimination and sex education. The two argue incessantly, leaving no room for conciliation. The idea of sex is often unwittingly ridiculed by students’ ignorance, which indicates Hong Kong sex education is still lagging far behind. Outside work time, Kayan relentlessly campaigns for the sexual rights of the disabled. Yet, her advocacy efforts are only answered by assaults and discrimination; for “Sex” being a taboo has been deeply ingrained in Chinese society. Kayan meets Tim at school. Tim, who is also a wheelchair user, shares a similar view with other disabled people, that “Love” is a big luxury and a prohibited thought. Suffering from sexual dysfunction, Tim retreats and refuses to love.家恩是一位轮椅人士,自幼伤残,从英国回港,在学校担任社工。她为人权、性权,性别歧视和性教育等等的观点跟校长争辩,势成水火。学生的性无知更闹出连场笑话,显示香港的性教育水平仍然十分落后。工余时间家恩积极推动残障性权,但华人社会对「性」的忌讳与偏见根深蒂固,所以她饱受攻击和歧视。家恩在学校认识了Tim,他也是一位轮椅人士,他跟很多残疾人士的观念一样,认为「爱情」是一种奢侈品,甚至是禁品,加上他有性障碍的问题,所以他一直逃避,不敢去爱。• Not eligible for any discounts and/or vouchers.• Not valid with VIP and/or Complimentary Passes.• Not valid for purchase with HSBC Movie Card.

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