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第13届澳门国际电影节金莲花导演星火奖The 13th Macau International Movie Festival Golden Lotus Bright Spark Director AwardMada is an insomniac taxi driver who drives the graveyard shift to ease his pining for his ex-wife. Lena has been constantly working around the clock for the past eight years to send money to her daughter and mother on the mainland. After a serendipitous meeting, Mada offers to become Lena’s chauffeur, setting the course for romance as they bond over their nightly drives. Turning away from the bright lights of the casinos in favour of grittier working-class lives in her city, Macau-based director Emily Chan crafts an achingly humanistic love story between two wounded souls. Featuring career-best performances from both its stars, the film is also an important showcase of filmmaking talents in Macau.失婚中年汉马达因为晚上不能入睡而成为夜班的士司机。莲娜从内地来到澳门打工,日间在酒楼做知客,晚上则是酒吧女郎。深夜下班的莲娜上了马达的车,两人误打误撞之下成为朋友,他亦从此变成她的专用司机。莲娜自言除了工作就什么都没有,认识到同样孤身只影的马达,两人之间产生了微妙的关系。周秀娜继《29+1》之后,演技再有突破,和张继聪在澳门这个不夜城中,爱恨交缠。• Not eligible for any discounts and/or vouchers.• Not valid with VIP and/or Complimentary Passes.• Not valid for purchase with HSBC Movie Card.

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