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2021年金马影展亚洲电影奈派克奖Golden Horse Film Festival Netpac Award 2021入围第58届金马奖最佳新导演、最佳剪辑Nominated for Best New Director, Best Film Editing at the 58th Golden Horse AwardsIn June 2019, YY is one of many young people who joins the Anti-Extradition Law protests. She announces that she will commit suicide as a radical method to make the Hong Kong government respond to their demands. A group of fellow protestors must race against time to find her before it is too late. After an emotionally exhausting hunt, she is found at the top of a building preparing to jump off...反送中战役期间,曾被捕的18岁少女YY在社群上留言欲自杀,发现信息的少年阿南召集抗争伙伴们与社工大姊,在她居住的葵涌区奔波搜索,务求在酿成悲剧之前找到人,挽救一命;在对岸港岛,运动烽烟在街头四起,少年面临着心灵煎熬,到底是抗争优先还是救人要紧?大量起用新鲜面孔,叙事流畅危机真切,少年少女的投入让戏假亦真,叫人心碎又心疼。• Not eligible for any discounts and/or vouchers.• Not valid with VIP and/or Complimentary Passes.• Not valid for purchase with HSBC Movie Card.

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