Ah Girls Go Army

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Runtime   ---
Language   Mandarin
Area   Singapore
Actor   Apple Chan   Xixi Lim   Glenn Yong   Belle Chua Bei Er  
In Theaters   Feb,01
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Ah Girls Go Army Plot

Following the success of the "Ah Boys To Men" series, this new instalment is set in the possible-near future where females will have to serve National Service as there are not enough males in Singapore. A group of Gen Z teens with different backgrounds and education forms Singapore`s first batch of female recruits. As they undergo the demanding Basic Military Training under the fierce leadership of Sergeant Lim and Lieutenant Zhang, the girls find themselves being pushed to their physical and emotional limits. Together, they will overcome their resistance to serve National Service, face the challenges before them, and discover newfound abilities - using them to resolve and mend relationship issues in their personal lives. Actress Apple Chan returns as Lieutenant Zhang and with special cameo appearances by the cast of "Ah Boys to Men".

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