Breakout Brothers 2

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Runtime   1 Hour 25 Minutes
Language   Cantonese
Area   China
Actor   Patrick Tam   Louis Cheung   Adam Pak   Justin Cheung   Ron Ng  
In Theaters   Jan,20 2022
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Breakout Brothers 2 Plot

Ho Chun, a young and ambitious entrepreneur, is sent to prison. Believing that money can fix all problems, he offers fellow prison inmates Big Roller, Kin Tin, Scar and Ho Ching a considerable amount of money to break him out of jail. However, Big Roller and his gang reject the offer as they believe that serving out their full sentences is the only right thing to do. This leaves Ho Chun with no choice but to come up with a new plan to break himself out with the gang`s help, whether they like it or not.

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