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The Covid-19 Pandemic ravaged Wuhan in the beginning of 2020, the city drastically went into lock-down. Facing unprecedented danger and uncertainty, ordinary people in and out of the city rose from their fears, came together and became volunteers. Embrace Again tells the heart-warming story of these brave men and women, who responded to the disaster in their own unique ways and, through it all, found love and courage to survive and rebuild their lives.2020年初,新冠疫情凶猛来袭,武汉封城。 城内城外的普通市民战胜恐惧成为志愿者,互相支持,以不同的方式应对疫情,同时,他们各自也收获了情感,带来人生的重启和新生。 由黄渤,贾玲首次合作,故事以温情和治愈为基调,刻画了普通市民守望相助、真挚动人的爱情群像。

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