Septet: The Story Of Hong Kong (HKFGP)

Genre   Drama
Runtime   1 Hour 51 Minutes
Language   Cantonese
Area   China
Actor   Timmy Hung   Francis Ng   Sire Ma   Jennifer Yu   Yuen Wah   Ashley Lin   Simon Yam  
In Theaters   Nov,07 2021
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Septet: The Story Of Hong Kong (HKFGP) Plot

This film features the works of seven acclaimed directors including Sammo Hung, Johnnie To, Tsui Hark and the late Ringo Lam, has already attracted the attention of film festivals around the world, after being selected to be the opening film at festivals in Cannes and Busan. It contains seven separate self-contained highly personal stories from these filmmakers born in the 40s and 50s to reflect a Hong Kong that they had known, from the likes of Sammo`s story about his childhood training in martial arts, the late Ringo Lam`s poignant tribute to his hometown, Ann Hui`s quietly moving ode to the educators, and Johnnie To`s dark comedy about three friends` bonanza, as well as Patrick Tam`s story of two lovers separated by one moving to England. Each one of the short films covers a different period in the city`s recent history. Shot entirely on 35mm film, this is a momentous cinematic event that no Hong Kong film fan will want to miss.

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