Keep Rolling (HKFGP)

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Genre   Documentary
Runtime   1 Hour 51 Minutes
Language   Cantonese
Area   China
Actor   Ann Hui   Tsui Hark   Hou Hsiao Hsien   Andy Lau  
In Theaters   Nov,07 2021
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Keep Rolling (HKFGP) Plot

In a filmic career spanning some four decades, Hong Kong director Ann Hui has made critical darlings and box office hits, as well as widely panned flops. But behind the accolades and pummelling from critics, Hui is as human as anyone, battling anxieties about life and career - though always maintaining her characteristic good humour and humility. This intimate biography offers an up-close and personal look at the trials and tribulations of an artist who has devoted her entire life to her craft. Rather than gloss over the foibles and insecurities of the documentary subject, "Keep Rolling" shines a light on them, revealing the complexities and contradictions of a modern-day maestro.

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